Castle Competition

Here is an example for a castle if you would like to build a castle and try and win it please send the picture of it to me.

More information

Prizes:     Your own castle button (with your own castle on it for your own blog)

What to do: Build a castle on minecraft and send it to me (make your best castle)

How to enter: take a photo of your castle and post it on your blog, Pinterest, Photobucket, Flickr, Google Docs or Onedrive and give me a link to it in the comments or here




My new holiday🎰🎰🎰

Hello everybody I am going on holiday yes on holiday and i am going to Feurterventura yes to Feurterventura from England Preston it will have a swimming pool (I hope) there will be ice cream and if I get wifi I will tell you all about my holiday.                 Alfie😃😍

grand openning of my blog

Hello everyone, I am Alfie a 7 year old boy that loves stampy, iballisticsquid and minecraft. Every day I get up at 6:00 in the morning wanting to go on the computer or the xbox 360 or something cool that you can watch on YouTube or a game on the xbox 360.I love Minecraft, Terraria and I like watching my Dad playing Call Of Duty and when I am older I would like to play Call Of Duty (if you want to be friends with me on the Xbox my name is MrDiscoRob)